Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Real Reason to Be Kind to Others

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Being kind can be thought of as a nice thing to do for others.  It can be thought of as something to do to "get to heaven".   Many people are kind because they want people to like them.  Deep down inside there may be a fear that if they aren't kind people might reject them.  It's easier to be kind and feel like the people you know are saying that you are a nice person.

But there is really a much much deeper reason to be kind.  It is because of who you truly are.  Being kind is really about being true to yourself.  Who you are is Divine light and love.  You were made in the image and likeness of the Creator.  So once you scrap all the junk (fears, anger, etc.) you've accumulated, what is at the very core of you and every other being is just pure love.  Pure love is kind.  And, it's who you are.  So being kind is really about being true to yourself - the very nature of who you truly are. :O)

So let kindness flow from you not because the other person deserves or needs kindness.  And don't hold your kindness back when you don't like another person.  Let kindness flow from you even when the other person is cranky or miserable towards you.  It's not about them - it's about you.  Be kind because it's who you truly are.  It's all about being true to yourself and your very deep inherent nature.  Have a wonder-filled day!

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