Friday, January 25, 2013

Love Them Where They Are

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This is a huge lesson for me all the time.  Loving the people I know exactly where they are, right now.  And what does that mean really?  It is about how you feel inside of yourself when you think, speak, see or interact with anyone else. 
If you feel discomfort or resistance inside then it's a signal that you aren't really accepting them as they are.  Loving someone right where they are is when you are able to be in complete calm, peaceful acceptance of them,  and actually feel that inside of your body.
When you observe others with complete acceptance, it allows them to change.  It's what David Hawkins talks about.  How you feel when you look at someone affects them, all the time.  Not just sometimes.  If you really want to free up your spouse, your children, your friends and colleagues, try accepting them as they are.  It doesn't mean condoning or even liking what they say or do  And it certainly doesn't mean accepting abuse or mistreatment.  It just means you hold your inner state of being in a state of love.  This not only sets them free, it sets you free too and that is the best part!  That my friends, is how energy works!  So the next time Rufus decides to steal my clothes and chew on them, I intend to love him where he is right now.  :)

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