Saturday, December 7, 2013

You Cannot Change Your Life By Pointing at Someone Else

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All too often in my work as a Transformation Facilitator, people ask me how they can change their partner's behaviour so that they can be happier with their partner.  It's so difficult for people to look inside of themselves instead of pointing at the other person and attributing their own insecurities and problems to their partner's behaviour.  As within so without.  You've heard that saying a thousand times and in many different ways.  Guess what?  It's true.  :o)

Your partner will always reflect back to you what it is that is inside of you that needs healing, as will your companion animals.  If you are feeling jealous, you will attract a partner to bring that out in you.  Heal the jealousy and the whole situation changes.  Sometimes it changes more than we have bargained for - but alas, when things are healed inside of oneself, the outside does indeed change.

Have courage and look inside.  Heal yourself and strive for neutrality in the face of the behaviours of others that upset you.  It's really the only real way you can stop attracting those things that upset you.  Otherwise we just keep recreating the issue until we "get it".  Put the pointer finger down, and look inside.

Although many will say that they are ready to do this, only a few really have the courage to actually do it - when it comes down to the wire.  Do you have the courage you need to look inside of yourself???

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