Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dropping the Need for Things to be Different with Our Loved Ones

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When it comes to being neutral and non-reactive to people and situations, it is a lot easier when it isn't close or personal.  The closer and more personal things are, the harder it is to feel okay inside ourselves when things don't look the way we'd like them to.
What is really interesting for me this summer is that I'm noticing how much I resist how my loved ones show up in my life.  I want them to be happy and peaceful and when they don't show up that way I have resistance to how they are because I'd rather see them happy!!
Well a good lesson learned this past week, and some thoughts on the matter, really helped me to understand that it's OKAY for people to feel the way they feel and to make the decisions that they make.  I don't have to agree with what they do or say or how they feel.  But as soon as it brings me down, and I feel the NEED to cheer them up so I can feel more comfortable inside, I'm on the control side of things!
So this summer my goal is to allow my loved ones to show up however it is that they show up.  Allow them to experience life with all it's ups, downs, curves and straight lines.
Reminds me of a song (old old song) by Dan Hill.  Here's an excerpt of the words:
"Welcome baby boy to a brand new world.  May the tears fall like a rainstorm from your eyes.  Looks like life kinda took ya by surprise.  Oh, surprise.
You're so tiny that is scares me, and so charged with life it makes me so happy that I think I'm gonna cry.  Life has come to meet you child, play it safe, play it wild, reach for the truth, beyond the rules, beyond the games.  Life is yours and yours alone, free to settle, free to roam.  Free to grow and free to change, or free to fight to stay the same....."
It's really about allowing, and dropping our NEED to have our loved ones be, and show up, differently in our lives.  So today and this summer, I focus on dropping my need to have things my way.  And to be comfortable and okay inside myself regardless of what others choose.
Many Blessings and have a fun weekend!

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