Monday, March 3, 2014

Do You Have the Program for Success?

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Neuroscientists agree that 95% to 99% of what your life looks like, and how you feel, is just the subconscious programs and beliefs playing out.  Trying to change your life without changing your subconscious programs can be difficult at best.  That is why change usually seems like hard work.  My favourite method of subconscious change is the same one Dr. Bruce Lipton prefers - PSYCH-K.  It easily uncovers the blocks that are below the level of your conscious awareness and allows you to change them quickly and easily.  Not only is it important to be clear about where you want to go, but also to have your subconscious programs going in the same direction that you are!  

Many very successful people do not understand that we cannot just follow their advice (their recipe for success) and have the same results that they do.  If another person had the same supportive subconscious programs that the "successful" person with advice had, then similar success is quite likely.  However most people are doing an uphill battle against their subconscious programs that are sabotaging the degree of success they experience in their life, regardless of how hard they try.  It is of utmost importance to work with a mentor, facilitator, or coach who has all the necessary tools to allow you to discover the programs you have (below the level of conscious awareness) that are going the opposite direction of the way you choose to go - and change them into programs and beliefs that support you and your endeavours.  When you do this you are then able to obtain the success you desire.

This is one of the reasons why people reach varying degrees of success working with professional mentors, facilitators, and coaches.  Another reason for varying degrees of change is intensity.  Intensity creates change.    Problems herein lies when someone continuously works hard towards something they are passionate about, without results (due to subconscious programs going the other direction).  What happens is the person loses hope and "steam" and their intensity drops.

It's my joy to work with PSYCH-K, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Reconnective Healing and other processes and modalities to bring about true deep subconscious shifts and changes to support you in your endeavours.

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