Saturday, September 22, 2012

Waking up again to the Miracles of Life

Back to blogging!  Yay for that.  Sometimes in life we are throw off track by huge life events and I've had more than my share of them lately.  After a lucious and fun trip to B.C. I'm back on track and feeling really alive again.  Bye bye to blah and hello glorious life!  About a week ago I had the sprinkler on in the yard to water some new grass seed I had put down, and a hummingbird was bathing in the water drops that were falling!  He was also enjoying rubbing up against the leaves on the pole beans to catch the water caught in the wrinkles of the leaves.  It was so obvious he was enjoying himself and that he was deliberately taking advantage of my sprinkler.  Time to awaken again to the miracles of life!

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