Sunday, April 29, 2012

There is no need to forgive.

Many teachers and books say that there is no need to forgive.  That is because everything is in Divine order all the time and there is nothing bad and nothing good.  It all just IS.  If you are coming from that viewpoint, then there will be nothing to forgive. 
However, anytime our perceptions deviate from that ultimate reality, there is something to let go of, or something to forgive, if we choose to elevate our consciousness.
Some people see forgiveness as "letting the other person off the hook for doing something wrong".  If you see forgiveness in that sense, then perhaps you could look at the fact that there is nothing to forgive.
However, the way I use the word "forgiveness" is about letting go of a judgement about someone or something else.  So in that sense forgiveness is letting go of my opinion and seeing everything as One and in Divine order.
How do you see things?

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