Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Divine Timing

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Divine Timing is about recognizing where you are and what your life is like, and being at peace within yourself regardless of what is going on outside of you.  It's not about resigning yourself to how your life is.  It's really about understanding that there is something to learn in the current situation, getting the message, and moving on.  It doesn't mean things have to stay the way they are.  Things are the way they are as a catalyst to get a message, at a deep level.  When that happens, life shifts on the outside.  Always.  No ifs, buts, or ands.  So seize the moment, the Divine Timing in life this current moment, and allow Spirit to move creatively and beautifully through you and into your life to create the new phase, the new passion, the new life.  It's always changing.  Just my thought for the day!

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