Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Problem with Positive Thinking

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Thinking positive is really what everyone is trying to do, and done correctly it's just great!
There are however, some clear misunderstandings about positive thinking, which can actually be very harmful.  I see this quite often when working with clients and thought it would be a good idea to clarify what positive thinking really is.
When you feel great and you are thinking that life is good, it's easy to think positive.  That's easy.  But what happens when you have a rough day and don't feel very good about life?
So many people will force themselves to think happy thoughts and block out the feelings that they are actually having in their body.  I am not talking about the stories going around in our heads, I'm talking about the actual visceral physical feelings in the body.
To disregard these feelings and push them away, like they don't exist, will just bury them in the body.  Later, of course, they produce pain, disease and discomfort.  These blockages are what prevent us from rising in consciousness as well because they have an energy signature to them that is of a lower vibration.
Rather than disregard these feelings by "thinking positive", tend to them by feeling them.  All you have to do is pay attention to the feelings and watch them.  Oberserve them neutrally.  A positive thought at this time would just be to drop the story that triggered the feeling in the body, know that the feelings are not who you are, and watch them.  Knowing that they will pass and that all is in Divine timing is also a positive thought at this time.
A very good example of this is a woman who called me because she was in terrible pain all throughout her body.  I worked with her until she started to cry and the pain began to subside.  I asked her if she had ever cried after her husband has passed.  She told me that no, she hadn't cried, and dare she feel sorry for herself!  She'd had a great life with this man who left her quite comfortable and she would not resort to crying or feeling sorry for herself.
What the pain was trying to tell her was that she was grieving for her husband, yet she pushed it away for almost a year and wouldn't feel the grief.  It was just a misunderstanding about what grief is, and what feeling sorry for herself was.  She was doing her version of positive thinking!  My suggestion was to feel the feelings in her body and to know that the sadness she felt would pass if she acknowledged it.  Her pain improved overnight!
So positive thinking is great, in context.  But ignoring what is right there staring you in the face is harmful to the physical and energetic bodies.  So honour what is, even when it's uncomfortable or painful.  And think positive about that discomfort or pain, and know that it will pass, and it's not who you truly are.  Let your mind wander to lovely things too, like your children, pets, flowers etc.  But truly look at what is there and don't push it away.  It will just create a time bomb that will go off later with some sort of health issue.
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