Sunday, March 18, 2012

How does Anger Hurt Me?

Okay, so you aren't yet convinced that staying angry at your neighbour actually hurts you? Studies have shown that when you are angry your immune system shuts down. In other words, you open yourself up to getting sick. As well, your DNA coils up tighter. That makes it difficult for the RNA to get in to make "parts" to repair your body.
Well, you may say, it's perfectly human to get angry. And you are right. But get over it. The sooner you can digest and process your negative emotions, the sooner you can get on with feeling good. After all, that is what you want to experience, isn't it? Or are you still following along with me, yet to be convinced that feeling good is really more fun?
How do I process and digest my emotions then? First of all, you need to feel them. As in feeling in the body. This is definitely not about going on and on in your head about the story. Drop the story. It's useless, and going over the story time and time again will perpetuate your negative emotion. Instead, just feel it in your body. Breathe. Meditate. It will pass. But get out of the story.
How do I get myself out of the story? You just stop. That is a conscious choice. Just stop the story. And why would I do that, you say? Because it makes me healthier, it makes me feel better, and it's the best dog gone thing I can do for myself and the planet.

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