Sunday, March 18, 2012

Welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my blog. When I initially thought about blogging I really didn't have the commitment or time to write regularly. Finally though, the time has come. My postings will generally be about life, consciousness and love. The views presented in my blog are my own.

At this time on earth I believe we are in a very important time when change can happen very quickly. How you feel each moment of each day, is your vote in the collective consciousness of the human race and the planet. If you are hoping to have a peaceful and harmonious place to live here on earth then it is important to feel peaceful and harmonious. If you choose to be angry at the people who are creating war, you are only adding to the low frequencies on the planet. Choose to live in a state of love and joy, despite anything showing up in your life that would normally cause you to feel a lower frequency, such as anger, grief or despair. We are responsible for the energy we bring with us into a room, and the energy we carry around with us all day. What kind of contribution will you make to the collective consciousness? Why did you come back here?

It is such a simple recipe for harmony, but at times difficult to actually do. Join me on a journey of discovery to create a lighter life for yourself, and for the greater whole.

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