Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do you Really Want to Feel Better?

Well now maybe you don't care about feeling better for yourself. But think about it this way. You feeling better affects everything else. What is it that you care about the most? What do you care about passionately? Do you have a "cause"? The best thing you can do for your "cause" is to emanate love and joy. Not to say we don't get feelings we don't like. Just to say that when we do it's important to process them and let them go. In other words, to feel more neutral about a situation or a person rather than being against it. As soon as we are against anything we are in a relationship with it. And that will definitely keep the situation or person present in our life. 

Being neutral about something actually allows it to fall away from us. You've heard "what you resist, persists". It's true. What you obsess about and feel about, your bring about.
Some years ago I would psychically pick up the anguish of animals. Like really pick it up big time. I didn't feel the physical pain, but I felt the anguish like there's no tomorrow. I remember hearing something on the radio, while I was driving, that made me feel like banging my head against a wall. The story of animal abuse on the radio caused me to feel the anguish so intensely I was almost incapacitated. I would avoid stories and situations about animals specifically because of this. I would ask myself " how can I feel good when this terrible stuff is happening to beings that I love?"

One day I figured out that me, feeling the anguish, was like jumping into quicksand with someone being swallowed up by it. How can I help someone else when I'm in the quicksand with them? That is resonance and entrainment. Resonance is what allows the transfer of energy to take place. Entrainment is when two frequencies come together to become similar in frequency. Compassion, love and joy are high frequencies. Grief, anger, anguish and fear are low frequencies. When you maintain a high frequency you give the other person (or animal) something to entrain to. i.e. a higher frequency. And when you get it, that the frequency you carry manifests your reality, it becomes really important to hold your high frequency especially so that others can entrain to it. You can't help someone by jumping into the quicksand with them. 

When I finally understood this concept I was able to block out the anguish of the animals that I'd been picking up, and stay in a higher frequency. It wasn't joy, but it was definitely compassion. This was the best thing I could do for the animals. As well, holding a high frequency of peace and love in general, would affect the city I lived in, and fewer animals would be abused because there would be more peace and harmony in general. Love on, people, love on.

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