Friday, May 24, 2013

Divine Timing

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Many people believe in Divine timing until tragedy hits.  Then they question why, why, and why?  This shouldn't have happened!  Well guess what folks?  We never see the big picture and it is always Divine timing.  We are all where we are supposed to be.
At a higher level we all sign up for things before we come back here to our lovely planet Earth.  It's just that we cannot see it clearly because we have had a veil pulled over our expansive vision.  Good thing eh?  Otherwise we'd go crazy.  But we all make spiritual contracts before we come here.
Now some of you will say "I would never have signed up for this!  It's an accident."  But honestly even accidents have Divine timing.  Just find some solace today in knowing that you truly are where you are supposed to be and that every challenge, problem and tragedy are opportunities for spiritual growth.  It's one of the big reasons why you came here - to experience those problems and move through them and in the process transform yourself.  You are an eternal being!

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