Saturday, May 18, 2013

Resistance to Life

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Resistance to anything really locks things in place, whether you want it locked in place or not.  That's just how energy works.  What you FEEL about you bring about.  So if you are feeling grateful about something you are allowing the Universe to continue gifting you with more of the same.  If you are resisting anything, you are still giving out signals to the Universe to give you more of the same.  The easiest way I have found to drop resistance is by first recognizing it, and secondly, by deciding you actually want to drop the resistance.  It's hard to make that decision sometimes when you are upset or angry.  But choosing to drop the resistance is important because it allows you to keep your energy and your power instead of giving it away on a silver platter to whatever or whoever you are resisting.  So the next time you are really resisting something, just ask yourself if you really want to give yourself away.  If not, drop it!!  Good enough reason for me!
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