Monday, May 20, 2013

So what is resistance?

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Resistance is when you feel anything at all uncomfortable in your body about anything!  Do you have feelings of frustration, anger, uneasiness or uncomfortablenss about something?  Then you have resistance to that which you are observing.  People are always saying "what you resist persists" but it's not just about an external pushing against.  It's really about your energy.

In order to drop all resistance you must go to a place inside of yourself that feels calm and relaxed and at ease when you are observing that which you don't like.  And it certainly doesn't mean you condone or like it either!  It just means you keep your power and stay in alignment with your Divinity.

So next time you see or hear something you don't like, choose to keep your power and stay at ease within yourself.  That, my friends, in non-resistance!

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