Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moving On

Moving on is sometimes the most difficult thing to do.  It seems at first that we can barely tolerate a situation or a change in our life.  Then comes some forgiveness.  Then acceptance and hopefully, eventually, unconditional love.  If I don't follow that path then I'm not doing what I came here to do.  How many times do I want to repeat a course, until I get it right?  Letting go, moving on and accepting are really just "lifting off" of the whole thing, just lightly and easily, like a helicopter goes up.  Only with this surrender can we truly heal, love, and move on.
It seems that every time something happens that is painful or that I resist, any parts of that situation that I don't fully "lift off" of and move on from, will just repeat themselves.  Repeat until I get it.  So, finally, I've decided to do my best and get it right.  Let it all go and move on.

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