Friday, April 6, 2012

Stepping into Your Personal Power

Stepping into your power is about being okay with what is.  When we are in resistance to what is, we lose our power.  That is another good reason to be forgiving and accepting!  Every time we are pushing against something, we lose our power.  True power is not pushy or forceful.  True power is strong, calm and loving.  Ever notice that when you are totally calm and take a stand on something, it works out well?  And that when you are feeling upset and feel like you are "losing it" things just don't work out as well?  It's like the kids that listen to their mother when she is calm, solid and in a state of inner power.  Compare that to a day when the mother is stressed, yelling and nobody listens!
Being in your power does not mean you agree with what is going on, if you don't like it.  It also does not mean that you condone it.  It just means that regardless of what is going on around you, you are okay within yourself.  You are calm, grounded and feeling okay inside of yourself.  This is staying in your power.  This is why we are advised by many sages not to judge others.  As soon as we judge others, or ourselves, our power level starts to decrease.  Force is not power.  Force comes from fear, and this is the way wars operate.  True power comes from love.

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