Monday, April 2, 2012

Put your Hand on your Heart

Want to share your love?  Then really feel it in your body.  Put your hand on your heart.  Uncross your arms and legs.  Breathe in and out through your heart.  After a few good deep focused breaths into and out from your heart, start thinking about or visualizing something you really love.  This could be your children as babies, pets, a Divine mission, etc.  Keep breathing in and out through your heart.  Feel the love and the expansion of gratitude.  Feel as grateful as you can (i.e. the feeling in your body) for absolutely everything and anything you can think of.  As you stay with this feeling you will notice it starts to expand and feel more intense.  This can actually bring you into a state of bliss, or ecstasy.  Feeling this state of gratitude, love and bliss is now what you are sharing with the collective consciousness.  It's your vote for how you want the world to be.  AND, it is one of the very best things you can do to heal your own life and your body.

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