Thursday, November 15, 2012

Journaling to Move Energy

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Lately I've been at it again.  Journaling every morning for three full pages of whatever comes up in my mind.  It's amazing what can come up!  And it's also amazing the amount of energy it can move when I do it regularly.

Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way" talks about journaling every morning, completely unedited and uncensored, for three full pages.  When I'd first read that book I started journaling faithfully every morning.  The shifts were huge.  I went on a Christmas baking spree like never before.  (And that my friends, was in November!)

This morning I woke up really early and just had to do something BIG.  So I went down to the basement and cleaned, cleared and purged for about two hours.  Wow.  That felt great!  This journaling really does work for moving my energy.

If you find that you are journaling with a question and aren't getting an answer, try journaling with your other (non-dominant) hand and see what comes up!  I'd been journaling for months at one point in my life trying to make a big decision and all that came up was analytical type thoughts - and never an answer.  When I switched the pen to my left hand it was mind blowing!  In one page of big childish writing, there was my answer.  And boy oh boy was it accurate.  The reason this answer came so quickly was because it had come from the other side of my brain, which I hadn't previously accessed when journaling with my right hand.  :o)

So try journaling each morning.  Just write whatever the heck comes into your mind.  My friend says when she does this it feels like getting rid of all the rats running around in her brain.  What I do with my journaling afterwards is shred it and throw it out.  No need for me to hang onto all that stuff I just purged from my mind!

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