Friday, November 9, 2012

Looking at Things Freshly

Having no judgement about something is a little bit different than surrendering to it.  When you surrender to something you quick struggling and pushing against it.  You stop resisting.  This doesn't completely mean though that you have no judgement about it.  Judgements are like conclusions.  You've come to a decision and a conclusion about something.  That conclusion you've come to is your way of seeing it, and that locks it into place.  How you see something and how you feel about something when you are looking at it affects it and holds it in place via your perceptions of it.  So instead of just accepting things the way they are try having no conclusion whatsoever about it.  It just is.  This way you free up the locking in by observation of whatever it is you are looking at.  Look at everything fresh, including your own self in the mirror!  That is why when we see something in ourselves or another person that looks "real" to us we judge and conclude that that's just how it is.  We hold it in place.  Let go of all that at the subconscious level and watch your reality tranform faster than you can count to 10!

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