Monday, November 5, 2012


What is Sadness?

Sadness is the empty feeling that creeps in and pulls your eyes down.  It is heavy and feels very much alone.  Think about joy and how light and uplifting it feels.  Sadness feels the opposite to me.  It makes me feel alone and like I want to be alone.  How do you feel when you are sad?  It has no energy, no motivation and no direction.  It feels calm sometimes, but really really empty.  I can be very sad and very very calm at the same time.  The sadness is not you.  It is just a wave of energy passing through you.  It is just chemicals in your bloodsteam.  Is your sadness old sadness that has surfaced?  If so it is a good time to let it go and release it from your very being.  How do you do that?  Just watch it, like watching somebody you don’t know, walking on the other side of the street.  Just observe it.  Your very observing it causes it to change and release.  Do though, observe it with no judgement, no classification or criticism.  Just allow it to be, and watch it.  Or is your sadness a new sadness due to the loss of a loved one?  Or the loss of a pet?  Sadness is deep.  Sadness pulls down and digs into the ground below us.  I stopped struggling with my sadness and stopped trying to make it go away.  That never worked very well.  Neither does pushing it aside by doing something else, like reading a novel, talking on the phone, running, sewing, smoking, drinking, shopping or pretty much anything else we do to distract ourselves.  Instead, I nurture myself.  I tell myself that all is well and I am okay, despite the sadness that is passing through me.  When you let it be it will pass through you.  When you struggle with it – it just may bury itself inside of you, only to wake up again at a later time.  Sadness sweet sadness.  I nurture myself now, and wait for you to lift, just like the fog.  I wait for the sunshine to return as I know it always does.

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