Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Resonance, Entrainment and Healing

So many people ask me how energy healing works.  It can be perceived as a very mystical and unusual method of assisting another person with their healing.  It's not hocus pocus or anything even close.  It's all about frequencies, resonance and entrainment.

When something vibrates at a high frequency and comes into the vicinity of something vibrating at a lower frequency there is a tendency for the two frequencies to align.  Either the low frequency can rise to meet the higher one, the higher one can decrease to meet the lower one, or they can both shift and align somewhere in the middle.

Christian Huygens (a Dutch mathematician, astonomer, physicist and horologist) in the 1600's found this occurred with his clocks that lined up along his wall.  Even though they all were set into motion at different times, the pendulums would eventually all come into the same pattern, so that they would be ticking together.  You see this in nature all the time.  You also feel this when you go out with a sad or angry friend to cheer them up.  Often what happens though is that after visiting the friend, you feel just as bad!  What happened there?  Your frequency lowered and matched theirs.

Resonance is what allows the energy transference to take place between the separate people or things.  Entrainment is what is happening when the frequencies of each align with each other.

So why do Bach Flower remedies work?  Why does energy "healing" work?  Why does Reiki work?  It works simply because it is all about bringing in a higher frequency.  Then you naturally entrain to the higher frequency.  When this happens you feel better and the healing process can occur!

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