Friday, November 16, 2012

Why Be in Alignment with Source Energy?

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Being in alignment with Source energy is something you may have been reading and hearing about for awhile now.  What about "being in alignment" makes it so popular of a topic?  For one thing, it feels good to be in alignment with Source energy.  When you are in alignment with Source energy you feel at ease and at one with life.  Your day has a good flow to it.  You feel joy, satisfaction, love and all the other goodies that go with that.

You will know when you are in alignment, because of all of those feel good feelings that you are experiencing.  There's one good reason to be in alignment with Source energy!

There's more to this though, than meets the eye (or ear).  Being in alignment with Source energy is what allows us to receive the experiences that Source has to deliver to us.  Being in alignment brings us into the state of being where we can accept and receive all the good things that Source is constantly sending our way.  When we are out of alignment with Source energy, we are filtering out all the good things that Source is contantly sending to us.

So first and foremost today, follow your joy.  Find your peace.  Stay in alignment with Source.  It feels great and it brings you want you most desire.  Feeling down only blocks what you have asked for from getting to you as a first hand experience in your life.  Good reason to stay up!  Seek experiences and people that enhance your ability to feel joy!

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