Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Relax and Lighten Up, and Play!

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Lately I've heard a lot people talking about play.  Putting "play" on their schedules.  And yes it is really important to take time to play.  It's why I'm so happy to have dogs around the house. 
The dogs love to play and are always inviting me to play with them.

Play though, isn't something to be scheduled in for an hour a day, or on any set schedule.  That is more like therapy, isn't it?  Play is something that spontaneously awakens from within you on a moment to moment basis.  It improves your health and well being, raises your vibration and makes life a whole lot more fun.  Isn't that why you came here anyways?  Yes, we actually came here to enjoy the physicality of the earth plane existence, to play joyfully, smell the flowers and to love.  And that my friends, is getting you into the best vibration you can offer to the world.  :o)

So let today be a day that allows playfulness to arise within you spontaneously and surrender to that feeling.  Giggle a bit, laugh a bit, be silly a bit.  It's the best "pill" out there!


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